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V. Goch, S. Belov Theory of Causality
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4 edition, revised. Scientific monography.
Translated into English in Scientific School of Causality by V. Fedorow, N. Fedorow, R. Sabitov (2007-2008) at Centre «TSEL» (Canberra, Australia) and H.S. Srao (India). Some terminology may be read in English and some in US English.
V. Selishchev (Moscow) have provided support for this edition.

Problems of interaction between man and the surroundings are surveyed in this book by V. Goch, S. Belov. For research, authors used the analysis of cause-consequence connections. This book can be of interest to Philosophers and Physicists (studying general properties of the Space and Time); to Biologists, Psychologists and Medical doctors (using this method for healing of people, plants and animals); to Ecologists (harmonization of activity and creation of people); for pedagogic practice for broadening the student's outlook in studies.

Sevastopol: Editor A. Karpin, 2009.

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